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Enjoy your stay at the Falls of Rough in a Riverfront Cabin or in the Historic Green Farm Mansion. There are many fun things to do on the 250 acres the Resort sits on. You can try your luck of a round of golf at the Lafayette Golf Course, or enjoy the lake, Nature trails, swimming and more.  


The Falls of Rough Resort is famous for its Historic Green Farm Mansion.  Enjoy a night in one of the many rooms. The mansion is within walking distance to the Lafayette Golf Club, Where you can try your luck in a game of golf.

The Mansion has 9 rooms to choose from.

- Premium Queen Bedroom 

- Premium King Bedroom

- Premium Two Single Beds

Play & Stay!

- $99.00 per person/per night

- Includes stay in Mansion room & Golf all-day.

- Accesses to all other park  Amenities

River Front Cabins 

Enjoy your stay in one of the River Front Cabins right across the bridge and along the river of the falls of rough. You are located within walking distance of the Lafayette Golf Club where you can try your luck in a game of golf, or you can enjoy the many amenities on and that surround the resort.

- Two Bed Room Cabin

- sleeps up to 4 occupants



 -Large Kitchen                    -Catering Available        -TV                                        -Air Conditioning

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